The Eagles were embarrassed by the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday 37-10 in one of the worst losses in the Doug Pederson era. A season that started off with so much promise has turned into a “dream team” like year. Areas of concern before the game were magnified during it, and this loss leaves the team with more questions than answers. The good news for the Eagles is the fact that even after this atrocious loss they still sit just one game behind the (now) division leading Dallas Cowboys. So while many(?) will say the season is over, it is not. But lets break down the good, and the bad.



  • Nothing



  • The Start: The Eagles did something they never do; they won the toss and chose the ball. Doug Pederson had stated that it would be something they would look at, after choosing to defer to the second half, and when the Eagles won the coin toss Doug Pederson made the change. It seemed to be going well until Dallas Goedert fumbled which gave the Cowboys great field position and they cashed in. Next drive Demarcus Lawrence forced a strip sack which gave the Cowboys even BETTER field position. Before the Eagles could blink they were in a 14-0 hole. There are slow starts, and then there are Eagles starts. Three out of the last four games the Eagles have dug themselves into a 10 point or more hole. This game was no different.
  • The coaching: Pederson was out coached by a guy whos paid to clap. His team looked lifeless and checked out. After making the proclamation that the team would head down to Dallas and win, the team did nothing to back up his words. But its not just Pederson’s choice of wording this week, it was his actual coaching. Poor play calling, 3rd and 4 and you elect to run the football and (shockingly) didn’t pick it up. Then to cap it off, when the game was WAYYY out of hand, you have Carson Wentz out there handing the ball off to Boston Scott. Ill break that down for you. You have your franchise quarterback risking injury to hand the ball off to your 4th string running back in a 27 point game late. Because I suppose Josh McCown was busy doing other things…
  • Nelson Agholor: Youre getting paid $9 million dollars. NINE. MILLION. DOLLARS. And you alligator armed a touch down pass. To make it worse, you alligator armed air. You had your man beat and you failed to come down with that ball. In fact, it looked like you just gave up on it. Which is fitting, because the fan base has given up on you.
  • The Offensive Tackles: It wasn’t quite Winston Justice bad, but Andre Dillard was not good. Lane Johnson was probably worse. Carson Wentz rarely had a clean pocket to work out of and a big reason was because the defensive ends of the cowboys (Lawrence and Robert Quinn) were feasting on Dillard and Johnson. Dillard is somewhat understandable because he is a rookie making his first start, but Johnson talked a lot of smack on social media and failed to back it up. His inability to block Lawrence, the person he was going back and forth with on twitter, led to the second turnover/Cowboys touchdown.
  • Howie Roseman. The honeymoon is over bud. Your inability to evaluate talent is TROUBLING and it became evident today, like it has been the whole season. You failed to go out and get Jalen Ramsey because the price was too high. Your second round pick out of Stanford cant beat out Mack Hollins and Nelson Agholor for playing time. Your fourth round pick CANT EVEN DRESS at a position (DE) of need. So by failing to go out and trade capital for picks is basically telling me that you have more faith in your talent evaluation than you do in proven (albeit more expensive) commodities. Yet the results say otherwise. Cool…
  • Duce Staley: Hes been mentioned in the bad before and nothing has changed. Ive never been a fan of Duce the coach, dating back to his days with Chip. Chip would throw Duce under the bus but by doing so it let us know that Duce handled the running backs. Duce’s job hasn’t changed and his decision making is still puzzling. Frankly; his rotations suck.
  • You: you’ve gotten this far, youre clearly a gluten for punishment. Sixers start on Wednesday!