Ben Simmons finally did it. After much anticipation last night, Simmons made a three point shot.

Sixers preseason opened Tuesday night at Wells Fargo Center against the Guangzhou Loong-Lions. The Sixers won 144-86.

Simmons is 0 for 17 for his career from the three-point range and when he hit it Tuesday night the Wells Fargo Center went wild.

Simmons said “Time went down and I had the ball, so I took the shot. I didn’t hear the crowd. I work every day and to me, it shows. I’m in the gym every day and I feel like it is paying off.”

When asked what he likes about this group of guys he said “It’s just everyone finding their spot on this team. We have a bunch of different guys from different teams that have come over, from different systems. Everyone has the same goal and mentality when they step out on the floor. Defensively, you kind of saw it tonight where everyone was having fun playing defense and getting steals. It was fun.”

The Sixers take on the Hornets on Friday, October 11 at Charlotte.