GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN - SEPTEMBER 26: Jordan Howard #24 of the Philadelphia Eagles runs for a touchdown during the third quarter against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on September 26, 2019 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

The Philadelphia Eagles did what many didn’t think was possible; they went into Green Bay and won. IN a roller coaster of a game, the Eagles pulled out a close one 34-27 and with the win improve to 2-2. The Eagles certainly made Friday in Philadelphia much more enjoyable and hopefully the doom and gloom fans have a more positive feeling. But lets break down the good and the bad.



  • The Offensive Line: Tra Thomas is going to be high stepping into the office come Friday after the O-line kept the QB clean, and opened up gaping running lanes. Eagles Running Backs rushed for 176 rushing yards Thursday night with a 5+ yards a carry average.
  • Jordan Howard: “Where is Jordan Howard?” has been a popular question in this city for the past three weeks and we got our answer Thursday night. Jordan Howard has been in Green Bay apparently. The offseason acquisition busted out for over 100 all purpose yards and THREE touchdowns on the night. Without Jordan Howard the Eagles simply don’t win the game.
  • Rodney McLeod: The Packers were on the 1 yard line and had four shots at the end zone and came up short. Ultimately this proved costly for Matt Lafleur’s team as they ended up losing by a touch down. When youre one yard away from a touch down and are on first down there really isn’t a good excuse as to why you didn’t score….but the Packers didn’t. And a big reason for that was Rodney McLeod. On first down Aaron Rodgers threw a jump ball to his tight end Jimmy Graham but it was beautifully broken up by Rodney McLeod. Then on 3rd down Aaron Rodgers rolled to his left and tried to fake out McLeod but he wasn’t having it and forced a bad pass. Ultimately the defense held on 4th down which gave the Eagles the ball back.
  • The Pass Rush: Seriously. I didn’t make a mistake. I had a flashback from Super Bowl 52 as Derek Barnett caused a strip sack and Brandon Graham scooped it up. (yes I’m aware it was reversed in the Super Bowl.) This was truly the first game this season though that the pass rush actually managed to get some pressure. Unfortunately for them Aaron Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks when he’s on the run but it was definitely an encouraging sign.
  • The Jets: 3-2 Here we come.


  • Nelson Agholor: Agholor actually had a very good second half against Detroit. But then he got trolled by a local good Samaritan for not catching the ball. But the good Samaritan was referring to Agholor dropping the ball, meaning that the ball was thrown to Agholor. I suppose Agholor stayed in Philly because he made no catches and was only targeted once. Alshon Jeffrey was back on the field, but there is no reason why Mack Hollins should have more catches than a guy making $9 million.
  • Injuries: The secondary was down to Craig James at CB after the injury bug struck big time. Avonte Maddox was carted off the field and didn’t even manage to give a thumbs up, which is never a good sign. The Jalen Ramsey talk is only going to intensify because I don’t think anyone is too jacked to see Craig James lineup for meaningful snaps.
  • Zack Brown: Stupid penalties after stupid penalties. Hes got to get his anger in check because the self-inflicted wounds end up turning into points.
  • Doug’s Challenges: on a 2nd down Doug decided to challenge pass interference on a play where his wide receiver (Alshon Jeffrey) admitted that he lost the ball in the lights. I don’t know many Eagles fans that thought it was a wise challenge and, to no ones surprise, it didn’t go the Eagles way. My guess is the failed challenge made Pederson gun shy because later in the game when there was an OBVIOUS ball that skipped off the ground and into the receivers hands he kept the challenge flag tucked securely in his pocket. Maybe its on Doug, maybe its on the spotter, but both times it was the wrong move.

I could honestly find more but as Andy Reid once said: “OK don’t worry about it enjoy the win man!”