Donovan McNabb joined the Farzetta & Tra morning show on Monday as he does every week during the NFL season to talk about the frustrating home loss as a 4.5 favorite to the Detroit Lions. Donovan was kinda left wondering after that game, what exactly is the identity of this offense?

Everything that Donovan brings up today is more than justified in questioning. There seems to be something amiss with the offense this year & they’re not really finding themselves in consistent rhythms. Donovan did note that when Desean Jackson is in the lineup & healthy, they do have a little bit of a more proven identity but right now they don’t have him or Alshon & it would be surprising if they got either back for the Packers game on Thursday. There’s several reasons you can start to look at for this inconsistency & all probably have a hint of truth to them. 1- the play calling at times has been frustrating & inconsistent 2- Carson may be holding on to the balls a little too long at times looking to make the big splash play 3- lack of play-makers on the outside & an inability to get any WR or RB screens working 4- lack of a consistent offensive line play & whatever other reasons you want to list. All are fair at this point, the consistency of the offense isn’t there.

Donovan thinks a lot of it stems from ignoring the running game to establish consistency & to open up the play-action offense. He’s confused as to why there aren’t more attempts to get Miles Sanders the ball in the flats or in the screen game to see if you can get him going there. Donovan also feels that Jordan Howard should be the lead back for now as the offense had some of their best drives with him in the backfield on Sunday.

It’s tough to disagree with anything Donovan said today with his interview with Farzetta & Tra but something with this offense needs to get kicked into high gear. Maybe a good starting point would just be to start catching the ball. Oh, how this season would be different with a couple catches by Agholor & Arthega-Whiteside.