It’s Monday at 9:30 on the Fanatic & as always this season, Donovan McNabb joined the Morning Show to discuss the first game of the season & an impressive come from behind victory over the football team from Washington DC.

Donovan was a bit critical of the offense in the opening quarter and rightfully so because they struggled overall. He was like much of the Eagles fan-base in his confusion over why Darren Sproles was the leading rusher in the first half. Donovan believes Jordan Howard was the most effective back early on & the running game finally getting going was the key to the second half offensive explosion. Like most QB’s, Donovan felt like establishing the run made life easier on Carson & their ability to go deep to Desean Jackson often.

Desean Jackson made a triumphant return to his old team with a day for the ages and frankly brings a weapon to the team that Carson has never had the privilege of playing with before. We got a real glimpse of the possibility of the two working together. No offense to Torrey Smith or Mike Wallace (we hardly knew ye), but Carson has at his disposal now one of the NFL’s all-time great deep threat WR’s. He’s now at 31 TD’s of over 50 yards. He’s 2nd in NFL history in that category, only trailing the greatest WR of all-time, Jerry Rice. Not bad company to keep. Carson & Desean appear to be a match made in heaven.

Donovan also talked about the offensive capabilities of this team (which you saw more of in the 2nd half…) with all the weapons they’re able to trot out there. “When you have Sproles in the backfield, Desean Jackson going in motion, as a defensive coordinator you have a lot of things going on in your mind.” His point came after being critical of starting the game with an empty backfield. “When you have an empty backfield, it just tells the defense it’s going to be a pass, no ones buying a bootleg or QB sneak there, so you limit your options & the defense knows it.” It’s a fair criticism early on, considering our own Tra Thomas even said it earlier that day on the show, an empty backfield will usually tip your hand to a pass.

Donovan will joins the Farzetta & Tra morning show every Monday at 9:30am *unless there’s a national game, times may change.*