Eagles secondary vs Washington Young Receivers
The Eagles have the returning Ronald Darby, Sidney Jones and Avonte Maddox as their top 3 cornerbacks. Darby is returning from injury; we have no clue if Jones is a bona-fide NFL corner and Maddox impressed as a rookie last season. While we are right to have concerns about the position early, Washington has a young set of unproven wide outs with more questions than the Eagles. Washington’s top 3 WR’s Paul Richardson Jr, Terry McLaurin and Trey Quinn have a combined 124 career catches with Richardson Jr accounting for 115 of them. As shaky as some think the Eagles are at the position, Washington is worse. EDGE: EAGLES

Case Keenum vs Lincoln Financial Field
Washington’s starting QB Case Keenum probably still has nightmares about his last trip to Philadelphia. If you don’t remember (you probably do) he was the Vikings starting quarterback in the Eagles 38-7 win. Keenum threw 2 interceptions and was quickly replaced by Kirk Cousins in Minnesota despite leading the team deep into the playoffs. Fast forward 20 months and Keenum returns with revenge on his mind, but no more talent in his arm or on his offense. Add the Eagles strong roster and the best fans in football and Keenum’s nightmares will only get more intense. EDGE: EAGLES

Carson Wentz’s Brain vs Carson Wentz’s Competitive Spirit
Carson Wentz is an elite quarterback with elite athletic gifts, his only flaw is that he knows it. Wentz takes extra hits because he has supreme confidence in him ability to make plays. This causes him to take unnecessary hits due to either holding the ball too long or by running and not getting on the ground. Any human with a pulse would be fired up for their 1st game back after a 2nd season ending injury. The biggest challenge for him this week will be to dial that down and protect himself for the long haul. Wentz knows what he has to make adjustments to his style in order to play a healthy 16 games plus the playoffs. I believe he plays a smarter brand a football this week and saves any of the heroics for the playoffs. EDGE Wentz’s Brain