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“In the NFC, the Rams are defending the title, I worry about their secondary some. The Saints are right there with the Eagles. There’s some injury questions with the Eagles like can the secondary stay healthy. I think the NFC should be won by the Eagles & possibly facing the Kansas City Chiefs!”

Nothing all that shocking coming from the all-time Eagles great but it’s always nice to hear. Donovan felt so strongly about the Eagles chances this year that he wagered last week that the Eagles would in fact be, Super Bowl champs. Possibly even facing his old head coach, Andy Reid & the Chiefs in the big game.

Tra’s former QB had some very encouraging things to say about the offense this year & the “pressure” put on Carson Wentz this season.  He seems to think Carson’s toughest role this year falls on the play-calling and keeping a balanced offense. He believes if the running game is thriving, life will be immensely easier for the QB since the team struggled in that department last year. He calls the Eagles running game this year the true “X” factor to the offensive capabilities.

Donovan also notes that if the offensive line isn’t up to par right away, it’ll obviously be adding some extra pressure to the QB returning from two major injuries in the previous two seasons. He fears if they’re not playing well, Carson will add extra pressure to himself to be that MVP caliber Wentz from 2017.

Donovan will be joining the Farzetta & Tra morning show every Monday this year after every Eagles game!