It is wrong to place all of the blame on Gabe Kapler. It is wrong to say that it is his fault the offense is silent, the bullpen is injured, and the starting pitching was neglected during the offseason.

Not all of this is on the Manager, but at some point you have to send a major message to a team that was invested heavily in during the winter. It is clear that Kapler’s messages are not getting to the team. How many times do we have to see someone not run out a hit?

It happened once again last night, in a game where the Phillies lost 16-2 and made mental errors on defense as well. It would be wrong to say that this is all on Kapler, but when the players play with a lack of respect toward their manager, how can you continue with his leadership?

Sometimes you need a sacrificial lamb to light a fire under a team, and it is starting to feel like now would be the time to do it.