Make your lawn a safer place for your kids and pets!

NaturaLawn of America pioneered the breakthrough into environmentally responsible lawn care. They believe it’s their responsibility to educate homeowners and commercial users alike—rather than simply sell products—because the truth is that the picture-perfect, weed-free, insect-free lawn is a myth that endorses unnecessary and irresponsible pesticide use.

At NaturaLawn of America, their environmentally friendly approach to lawn care has been creating green lawns quickly, more naturally, and with fewer weeds since 1987.

While the rest of the lawn care industry continued to randomly spray pesticides whether needed or not, they developed an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system, which was unprecedented in lawn care. Compared to traditional chemical lawn care companies, their IPM system has reduced weed and insect control usage on lawns by over 85%. How?

  • By preserving the natural enemies of our turf pests.
  • By introducing newly developed turf varieties with natural pest resistance.
  • By providing continuing consumer education on the proper cultural practices of mowing and watering.

Now, you can get $100 off for a limited time on NaturaLawn of America and get that beautiful, pesticide-free lawn you’ve always dreamed of!

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