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One thing that people don’t know as common knowledge if you haven’t recently been a college student: Colleges can actually help you with your Mental Health. 

No, this isn’t some statistic – it’s legitimate.

Between colleges that offer Mental Health Services for students, and students in colleges for Mental Health Professions, there are quite a few options for people to get help that they need.

Here are a few resources/places to look for services related to colleges:

  • Penny Hoarder shares that if you are in school, many universities offer therapy for their students – especially ones who offer Mental Health professions as majors. The best part: Your tuition and fees subsidize these options so you have no financial reason not to go!
  • Penny Hoarder also shares that K-12 students most likely have access to counseling on site depending on the school.
  • If you search for Psychology Training Clinics on Google, you will find multiple places that will offer discounted sessions for civilians, the trick is to find one close to you.
  • notes that some clinics have options that are sliding scale based on income for people who need psychology/therapy sessions.

It’s also a popular thing to note that there are national helplines to call to speak to individuals, but when it comes to resources, many are ill-equipped and are more of just an ear to listen.