The saga continues!

Another year, another battle between the The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals. Opinions seem to vary on how much people are enjoying these teams facing each other again. To some, this is another glaring example of the now “Super Team” evolution of the NBA where we see the same teams year in and year out battle for The Larry O’Brien Trophy. When will someone else get a chance? To others, this is what basketball legends are made of. David vs. Goliath plays out before our eyes, who will come out victorious this year?

While the Sixers are sidelined this NBA Finals series, the conversation around LeBron to Philly still continues.

TMZ caught up with Ben Simmons over the holiday weekend to ask him “Would you like to play with LeBron?” Ben responds with a simple “If he comes I’ll play with him.” The conversation continues about both Ben and LeBron both having the facilitator role on the team. How would they deal with is. Ben says “Only one way to find out.”

Yes Ben, yes there is.



Natalie Egenolf is the Sports Update Anchor for The Mike Missanelli Show from 2-6 on 97.5 The Fanatic and NBC Sports Philadelphia. Twitter: @NatalieEgenolf