ESPN’s Michael Wilbon is exceptionally angry at the Sixers and T.J. McConnell.

This morning on Pardon The Interruption, Wilbon stated the “The Sixers are going to become hate-able to the rest of the nation very soon.” He goes on and claims that it’s not because of Joel Embiid’s greatness, but because of players like T.J. McConnell “looking at his hand acting like Shaq.”

I think Wilbon is a bit confused. When the rest of the nation hates the Sixers, it IS going to be because of the greatness of Joel Embiid. Greatness inspires greatness, which allows players like T.J. McConnell to flourish.

Wilbon goes on to say Rozier is going to run over T.J. tonight like a truck. Will that happen? To be determined. Win or lose tonight you can’t deny the greatness that’s to come in the future. Team work makes the dream work, and soon enough the nation will hate us because they ain’t us. Until then, have your moment T.J. Sixers fans are behind  you and that’s all that really matters.

For Michael Wilbon’s full rant on Pardon the Interruption:

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