Today on the show, Jason and Harry discussed “the truths” of Philadelphia sports and beyond.

The Truths of Philadelphia Sports and Beyond


The least likely team to win a title in the next decade is the Phillies


The Eagles will win the next Championship in Philadelphia.


Carson Wentz will not have the same success in 2018 that he had in 2017, but will return to that form by he 2019 season


Howie Roseman will assemble an Eagles roster that will actually be better than last years on paper


Scott Kingery will end up being the most exciting phillies player of this new era of Phillies baseball.


Brett Brown will not be the Sixers coach when the Sixers win an NBA title with Simmons and Embiid-Colangelo will hire “his” Guy


The Flyers Cup drought will end under the General Managing of Ron Hextall


Claude Giroux will not be respected by a portion of the fan base despite being 3rd in the NHL points from 2011 to right now


Ben Simmons will end up being the more consistent and better Sixers player over Joel Embiid


Jim Schwartz is overrated


Doug Pederson will prove without a doubt in the next 3 seasons that the 2017 job he did with the Eagles was NOT a fluke or a flash in the pan


Baseball will slowly and begrudgingly find more ways to speed up the game and make the presentation less boring, because it has to.


LeBron James will leave the Cavs and become a Sixer


Tiger Woods will in fact win another golf tournament and most likely a major


The small idiot minority of fans that punch horses and throw stuff at opposition fans are an embarrassment to us as a whole as Philadelhia sports fans


Colin Kaepernick will never play an NFL regular season down and that is some sort of payback for his protests


The Patriots Run with Brady and Belicheck will not yield another Super Bowl


By: Jason Myrtetus