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Mike Missanelli 2/12/2016

It's the Mike Missanelli show! Are the Philadelphia Sports fans like a family to fans? Are Flyers fans too sensitive and unrealistic about their team? How far are the local teams away from a championship? Mike talks about this and more. Mike talks to Anthony Gargano at 3:00, and then ESPN's Tim Legler at 4:50.
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76ers // NBA

Tim Legler Joins Mike Missanelli 2/12/2016

ESPN analyst and former NBA player Tim Legler joins Mike Missanelli to talk about the 76ers and what they should do in the future in order to make the team better.  Specific topics include The combination of Joel Embiid, Jahlil Okafor, and Nerlens Noel Players on the current roster that would remain on next year's…

76ers // NBA

Anthony Gargano Joins Mike Missanelli 2/12/2016

Morning show host Anthony Gargano joins the Mike Missanelli show to discuss the state of Philadelphia sports and how they relate to the fans.  Which team is most family oriented?  Other topics include The annual Fanatic Knockout Pool, Anthony's shot at Pick 3 and Where in the world is Anthony Gargano?

Mike Missanelli Full Show 2/11/2016

It's the Mike Missanelli show!  On today's show Mike continues to discuss the Eagles' QB situation and which direction they should choose to go.  Should they sign Sam Bradford to a big deal or go after someone cheaper, such as Nick Foles or Mark Sanchez?  Brian Westbrook joins the show to discuss this topic and…
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97.5 The Fanatic

Brian Westbrook Joins Mike Missanelli 2/11/2016

Brian Westbrook joins the Mike Missanelli show from 4 to 5pm to talk about the NFL as we wrap up the 2015-2016 season and enter the off-season and also take your calls regarding various topics.  Specific topics include Peyton Manning's future in the NFL, The QB situation for the Eagles, Terrell Owens and the Hall…

Mike Missanelli Full Show 2/10/2016

On General Knowledge Wednesday, Mike Missanelli is Live from Jack Frost Big Boulder discussing Sam Bradford being the best option for the Eagles at quarterback. Also would you rather have LeSean McCoy, DeSean Jackson, or Nick Foles back on the Eagles? Guests include Eagles beat reporter Tim McManus. Take a Listen!
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97.5 The Fanatic

Tim McManus Joins Mike Missanelli

Eagles beat reporter Tim McManus joins Mike Missanelli to discuss the Eagles quarterback situation. Other topics discussed include: Will the Eagles sign Bradford? Is the franchise tag the best way to go? Are there other options at quarterback? Does Fletcher Cox  remain an Eagle? and more!  

Mike Missanelli Full Show 2/9/16

On Today's show Mike asks which quarter back,  Nick Foles or Sam Bradford, would help the Eagles win next year.   The question comes from reports from an NFL insiders report which suggests that Nick Foles could be brought back to the Eagles.  Other topics also discussed include the superbowl half- time show, and other Eagles news and…
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