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Joe Tordy Full Show 1-28-18

ONE week away from the Superbowl where is your confidence level at now? Who is going to be the unsung hero for the Eagles? Joe Tordy lets us know there is nothing to worry about and the Eagles WILL win this game!

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The Devon Givens Show 1-18-18

Devon Givens came on after a 89-80 Sixers win over the Celtics! Devon spoke on the Sixers win and more importantly your confidence level in the Eagles with game day inching closer!  

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Ron Jaworski Joins Zach Gelb

Jaws who brought the team out of the tunnel last night was ecstatic for the team and this city! Jaws breaks down the Eagles 15-10 victory over the Falcons and mentions who he would rather play next week the Saints or the Vikings.