You Could Win $100k Online

The Fanatic and DelVal Honda want you to attempt to predict the First Round of the Draft on April 27th.  If you predict every pick correctly in the right order, you could win $100,000!

Here's how it works... Guess the name (First & Last names for each guess is mandatory) of the draft picks in the order you think they will occur in the First Round on April 27th.  The teams do not factor in this contest. We are just looking for the order that the names are announced no matter which teams make the selections or if they eventually trade the picks.

Fill out your information on the page below, then go to the second page to make your picks.

All selections must be submitted by 12 Noon on Wednesday, April 26, 2017.  ONCE PICKS ARE SUBMITTED, THERE WILL BE NO CHANGING PICKS. NO EXCEPTIONS.

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