Pete Rose Joined Mike Missanelli To Talk About The State Of The Phillies

The Hit King Pete Rose joined Mike Miss to talk about the sad state of Phillies baseball. Rose wants player who want to "win Philly championships, not set Philly records"

Some excerpts:

  • "I don’t want to hear that [expletive]. I don’t want to hear that, okay? Here’s a guy that’s worried about Philly records and not Philly championships. How is it gonna change his life if he gets more hits…he’s not gonna get more home runs then Mike Schmidt got, he’s not going to get more RBIs then Mike Schmidt got. So when he says he’s looking for Philly records, what Philly records is he talking about?"
  • "Rollins has always been a problem as far as I’m concerned. He’s been a very good ballplayer but he could never figure out did he want to be a leadoff hitter, did he want to be a second-place hitter, did he want to be a home-run hitter. I think the worst thing that ever happened to Jimmy Rollins was winning the MVP. I think that’s the worst thing to ever happen to him. He has just never figured out where you’re going to hit him in the lineup to get the most out of Jimmy Rollins."