Is A Michael Carter-Williams Trade Even Feasible?

Inquirer columnnist Bob Ford wrote some words on Sunday making a hypothetical argument about whether or not the Sixers should try to trade Michael Carter-Williams, the newly crowned NBA Rookie of the Year.

From Ford's column:

What we have learned of general manager Sam Hinkie in his year on the job is that he thinks just like the smart-money trader who owns the team. Hinkie wants to buy things that are undervalued and sell things that are overvalued. Sometimes this basic philosophy becomes obscured by the buzz surrounding the analytics that determine those valuations, but that is the guts of it. Buy low, sell high.


He does have a lot of good attributes. He is long and quick and, as coach Brett Brown suggests, can get to where he wants to be on the court. All true, but the problem is what he does upon getting there. What the Sixers must decide is whether the rough edges of a rookie can be smoothed with time or whether Carter-Williams is who he is.

So IF the Sixers were to deal MCW while his value is at an all-time high, who would replace him at the point? The mysterious Aussie, Dante Exum, that's who.

More from Ford:

On sheer athletic talent, the 6-foot-6 Exum might be the best player available in the draft. But because he didn't play college ball, there is some leeriness among NBA executives who haven't seen him perform very often against elite competition. Leading his high school team to the Australian national championship might not count for much in their eyes.

Exum is fast, strong, and tough, a dynamic finisher, and can play off the ball, too. He is still developing his perimeter game, but his shot has improved significantly in the last year. Exum is a No. 1 talent, according to many draft analysts, but he will slide a little because this is a deep draft at the top and because of those lingering questions.

Normally a team would be ridiculed for even entertaining the idea of getting rid of a star youngster but Ford makes a pretty compelling argument. Plus, in the new NBA driven by analytics, the idea of a move such as this is much more palatable. 

Do you think there is any way in the world the Sixers would move Carter-Williams? Better yet is it a move you would even consider making?