Carcillo Scores Goal, Rips Philly

Fresh out of the penalty box, Dan Carcillo scored a backbreaking goal with 9:07 left in the third period that pushed the Rangers lead to 4-1. He then celebrated the goal by skating over to the boards and staring down fans seated in the first few rows.

Predictably, a guy in a Claude Giroux jersey blasted him with a double bird. 

Earlier in the game there were audible cheers heard from the crowd after Carcillo was lying face down on the ice after a collision with Matt Read. 

“Nothing surprises me about this city and the way people act,” Carcillo said of Philadelphia, where he played for two-plus seasons from 2009-11. “But I came out of the box, Boyle made a great pass, and I put it through his legs. Afterwards, you know . . . I was just excited.”

Friday night should be very, very interesting.