Phillies Outfielder Domonic Brown Joins Jon Marks And Sean Brace

Phillies outfielder Domonic Brown joined Jon Marks and Sean Brace earlier thsi afternoon to talk about the tough start to the season, veteran leadership, the difference in mentalities between Ryne Sandberg and Charlie Manuel and even a little NFC East discussion at the end.

Here are some excerpts from the interview:

On whether it's time to panic:
"It's early. It's still the second week of the season and we're still battling, still fighting hard. Philadelphia is one of those football cities. We don't play 17 games in the regular season, we play 162. It's a little different ball game and you've got to prepare yourself every day."

The mentality of the team:
"As a team we're feeling great. We've got the veteran leadership in the clubhouse, man. They really don't let the younger guys get down. We just take take every day positive and build forward."

What has changed this year:
"There's little things that you should know that goes on in a major league clubhouse that we took a step back a couple years on doing those things. Ryne just sharpened us up again and he's keeping us loose. We're having a lot of fun in the clubhouse."

Brown owns a slash line of .313/.389/.375 through nine games this season with 4 RBIs.