Brian Dawkins On DeSean Jackson: 'It's About Being A Professional'

Brian Dawkins joined Mike Missanelli earlier this afternoon to discuss DeSean Jackson's alleged gang affiliation, Chip's experience of dealing with players in college and how Chip Kelly runs his team by his rules.

Below are some of the better excerpts from what Dawkins had to say but do yourself a favor and listen to the full interview. When Brian Dawkins talks you should listen.

On what led to Jackson’s release
“This is not something that all of a sudden had the gang affiliation thing tied to it and that was the thing the Eagles looked at to say, ‘You know what? This is the thing we’re allow him to walk for.’ No, it was all the other things that have happened over the time that he’s been here and the things he has not corrected in his character, some of the things that he does within the building with coaches and the like they were concerned about.”

On believing there must be more than meets the eye with this story
“There’s things that the Philadelphia Eagles obviously know that we don’t because I just don’t see how the owner of a football team, Jeff Lurie, would okay letting his best receiver go, the guy that probably sells the most jerseys for your team from a business standpoint, and not have the information that we don’t know about that says, ‘You know what, it might be in our interests to let this guy go because he’s not learned the lessons he needs to have learned.’”

On being a professional
“It’s being a professional, it’s being able to be counted on to be with your team, do what you’re supposed to do. Not skate around the corner, the cut corners, not doing some of the things that he’s allegedly been doing.”

On taking a good, hard look at himself
“I just hope in his excitement to go to another team that he didn’t forget to check the mirror and look at himself and look at the things that he needs to change before he heads into the next chapter of his football life.”