Chip Kelly HAS NOT Spoken With DeSean Jackson

So word came out this morning that Chip Kelly spoke with embattled wide receiver DeSean Jackson to assure him that he won't be traded and that he is very much in the team's plans for the future. Les Bowen then came out and said that his source told him that Kelly had spoken with Jackson. Our callers immediately told us to stop talking about the topic.

Well, not so fast, my friend. Everything you thought you knew was a lie.

Via ProFootballTalk:

Les Bowen of initially reported that Kelly has called Jackson to tell the $10.5 million receiver not to worry.  Bowen later explained that Kelly has not talked to Jackson.

Bowen writes that Jackson has tried to talk to Kelly, but that Kelly has been “too busy with free agency, etc.”

Too busy to put at ease the mind of a key player at a time when there are increasing signs he’s on the block?  Folks, the Eagles clearly want to trade Jackson.  Regardless of what anyone has reported or said or speculated, Kelly freezing DeSean out when all Kelly needs to do is tell the player “we’re not trading you” means they will if they can.

Florio nails it. The fact that the Eagles haven't gone on record saying Jackson will be here in 2014 means that if the right offer comes around then he's gone.

People have called this a media driven story. I don't think that's the case at all. Where there is smoke, there's fire.